Do you feel stressed at work?

Work stress has become a modern epidemic, with more and more people reaching their thirties and feeling completely burnt out. The rise of smartphones and the internet means that most of us can never truly switch off after a hard day at work.

Take a look at some of our 3 activities below to help you to beat work stress.

3 Activities To Beat Work Stress

1. Mix Up Your Workouts

Doing the same workout over and over again will make your body get used to the routine so you won’t see any gym gains and won’t be any closer to your overall fitness goal. To keep your mind active and your body challenged, mix up your workouts.

Don’t just lift weights, start circuit training and add resistance bands and a jump rope to your workouts too. A jump rope will give you a good all-over workout, whilst resistance bands will leave your muscles toned.

2. Grow Your Own Vegetables

Choosing to grow your own fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to beat work stress. Growing your own also means that you will be able to eat healthy, fresh produce that isn’t full of pesticides and additives.

No matter how large or small your outside space is, you can grow vegetables throughout the year and once you get into a routine, your veg yield will be consistent and steady. Try growing tomatoes, which can be grown in pots or around a support for tall vines.

3. Get An Adult Colouring Book

If you’re not into the adult colouring craze that has come about in the last few years then you may think that it’s just a childish waste of time – you’d be wrong. Art therapy has long been a key part of counselling and now you can use it to treat your work stress.

It’s been proven that you can significantly reduce your work stress by taking time out to colour complex pictures. You can get hold of adult colouring books from bookshops, supermarkets and online, so there’s no reason not to get colouring!

How do you conquer your work stress?

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