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  • Beast Tape Kinesiology Tape

    £14.99 £10.99

    PERFORM BETTER WITH BEAST TAPE - Allow BEAST TAPE to support your muscles as you train harder. Latex free, water proof and approved by the FDA and the CE. What's not to love? Become your inner fitness beast with BEAST TAPE!

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  • Muscle Mauler Foam Roller

    £39.99 £32.99

    DISCOVER THE WONDERS OF FOAM ROLLER DEEP TISSUE MASSAGES - Don't suffer from muscle tightness and pain. Get hold of a MUSCLE MAULER to get you back on the move! With advanced matrix nodule designs, this is the foam roller to banish your pain forever!

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  • WOD Whipper Pro Skipping Rope

    £24.99 £15.99

    TAKE YOUR WORKOUT TO THE NEXT LEVEL - The WOD WHIPPER PRO is the best way to master Double Unders. Experience an ultra fast skipping experience with a UNIQUE ball-bearing handle turn. The WOD WHIPPER PRO has a superior lightweight wire cable, allowing you to reach new speeds of skipping.

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  • WOD Whipper Skipping Rope

    £29.99 £13.99

    SKIP LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SKIPPED BEFORE WITH THE WOD WHIPPER - Experience fast spinning with a unique 90 degree handle and jump higher with the lightweight wire cable rope. Join the jump rope revolution and burn calories like never before.

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