Exercise only gives you gym performance, right?


Exercise can benefit your body, mind and all areas of your life. In our blog, we’ve named 4 benefits of regular exercise, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you hit the gym for a training session.

4 Benefits of Exercise

1. Better Sleep

The best way to get a better night’s sleep is to tire yourself out! Giving your body a good workout will raise your body temperature so when your temperature falls before you go to sleep, your body will know that it’s time to rest. Try to exercise in the afternoon or the evening to give yourself the best chance of a restful night.

2. More Smiles

Endorphins are released in your brain during exercise, making you feel happy and relaxed. These endorphins also minimise the pain that you feel after a workout, allowing your body to heal quickly and easily without you having to feel any aches and pains. The contented post-training mental glow that you feel is thanks to the endorphins in your brain.

3. Increased Energy

When you exercise, oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the tissues in your body, increasing your ability to focus and giving your muscles a boost. This boost will help you to keep training, even when you’re beginning to lag. Train in more often, short bursts to see gym performance benefits.

4. Enhanced Productivity

A study in The British Journal of Sports Medicine found that more time in the gym led to greater levels of creativity. Training floods your brain with endorphins that make you feel happy, relaxed and stress-free. Try going to the gym before work or in your lunch break for a productivity boost.

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