Getting back and joint pain?

It could be your posture that is to blame.

Choosing to improve your posture can alleviate the pain that you feel, but it can also help you to see improved gym performance. Having a straight back and having correct posture allows you to train more and keep increasing your lifts without damaging yourself.

3 Top Tips To Improve Your Posture

Go For A Walk

With a large number of us now spending more and more time sat down at a desk, it’s essential for our posture that we regularly get up and walk around. You should aim to walk around at least once an hour, but more often if you can. Don’t call a colleague working on another floor, get up and walk to their desk to help keep your body active. Sitting all day puts pressure on your spine and hips, which is why many office workers have back pain.

Look In The Mirror

Sometimes it’s not easy to see whether your posture is correct or incorrect. The best way to see how you hold yourself when you stand and walk is to use a mirror. Walk and stand in front of a mirror to see if your gait is straight and to check that your shoulders aren’t hunched. If you do notice posture problems then now is the time to do something about it! Consider purchasing an ergonomic chair for work, or set up your current chair so you can sit with your back straight.

Roll It Out

A foam roller is one of the best ways to massage sore muscles after workouts or a long day at work. Slowly roll your body over the foam roller or use a massage ball against a wall to give yourself a deep tissue massage. Concentrate on the areas where you have the most aches and pains to see the most gains after using a foam roller.

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Incorrect posture can lead to serious conditions in the future, so deciding to improve your posture in check is the best way to prevent unwanted illnesses and to improve your gym gains. Correct posture is essential to be able to successfully carry out big lifts without damaging your muscles.

For aches after workouts, try using kinesiology tape to hold your muscles in place. It can relieve short-term pain and can improve blood circulation in tight muscles.

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