Workout while you work!

Your workouts don’t need to end because you’re at your desk, take a look at our Top 10 Office Workout Ideas to find out how you can keep training, even while you’re working!

1. Take The Stairs

You could walk up the stairs slowly before increasing your speed as you approach the top, or you could take the stairs two at a time all the way from the bottom to the top!

2. Raise Your Legs

Straighten both of your legs while you’re sat down and hold them in place for 5 or more seconds. Slowly lower your legs without letting your feet touch the floor before repeating for 10 reps.

3. Workout During Your Commute

Take your commute to the next level by running or cycling to work! If you don’t want to be that energetic in the morning then try increasing the speed that you usually walk at. Getting your heart pumping is the key to staying fit and healthy!

4. Do Some Desk Curls

Don’t miss out on your bicep curls while you’re at your desk! Curl your arm up towards your chest like a regular bicep curl but use a water bottle or a weighted stapler as a weight! Repeat this for 15 reps before swapping arms.

5. Sit On An Exercise Ball

Sitting on an exercise ball while you type is a great way of increasing your balance and using your core muscles. The ball is an unstable thing to sit on so you have to use more muscles to stay balanced, thus giving you a core workout.

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6. Strengthen Your Grip

While you’re at your desk, it’s a great idea to give your hands and arms a workout. Grip strengtheners like our Gripinator are perfect for impromptu workouts at your desk. Choose your resistance level and start strengthening your hands at your desk!

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7. Get Perfect Posture

Keeping your posture perfectly straight is a workout in itself! Try to keep your feet, hips and arms at a 90 degree angle, without slouching or leaning back. Do this as often as possible to create a perfect seated posture.

8. Stretch Your Shoulders

Stretching your shoulders regularly will help to release the tension that builds in your shoulders and neck as you sit at your desk. Try raising both shoulders up towards your ears and hold them there for 5 seconds. Release them and repeat the movement for 15 reps, until your shoulders feel loose and flexible.

9. Exercise In Your Lunch Hour

Most people have an hour for lunch, so have you considered using that hour as exercise time? You could go for a walk, jog down the street or head down to the nearest gym for a quick workout. Don’t forget to make time to eat though!

10. Walk Around The Office

Instead of sending an email to a colleague, take the opportunity to walk over to their desk and speak to them directly. Walking around in the office will help to keep you flexible, so you don’t feel stiff after long periods sat down at your desk.


Try some of our 10 office workout ideas out while you’re at work and let us know what you think via Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below!